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  • Each ml contains:
  • Vitamin A (Palmitate)………………………….100000 i.u.
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)…………………100000 i.u.
  • Vitamin E (Alphatocopheryl Acetate)……50 mg
  • INDICATIONS: Vitaden Injection is well known combination of vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E. Thus vitamin A plays an important role in the protection of the mucous membrane subsequently against general infection. Vitamin D3 takes care for a regular process of the calcium phosphorus metabolism and vitamin E acts as antioxidant in the cellular oxygen reduction and in the fat metabolism. Further Vitamins E helps to maintain the stability of vitamin A. After injection the vitamin are quickly and completely absorbed and produce a rapid therapeutic effect. Vitaden injection  has a long lasting  prophylactic action due to the high concentration of vitamin A and vitamin E.
  • For intramuscular injection only ( small animals may prefer the subcutaneous route)
  • Horses, Cows: 8 – 14 ml
  • Calves, Foals:  5 – 10 ml
  • Goats, Sheep:  4 – 8 ml
  • Lambs: 2 – 3 ml
  • pack size: 50 ml & 100 ml vial
Dosage Form : Injection
Product APIs : Vitamin A Vitamin D3 Vitamin E
Therapeutic class : Multivitamin Boosters Nutritional Supplements
Target Animals : Calves Camels Cats Cattle Cows Equine Goats Horses Sheep


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