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  • Each bolus contains:
  • Tetramisole HCI……………………………………………… 1000 mg
  • INDICATIONS: Vermisol Forte Bolus is rapidly absorbed & carried to all parts of the body. Peak blood level occurs within an hour and tissue level persists for upto 5 days. The drug is excreted mainly through the faeces and urine. 40% is excreted in the urine and 32% in the faeces within 2 hours and consequequently has a short withdrawal period of 3 days for meat and I day for milk. It is not, however recommended for dosing to lactating animals. Most nematodes are expelled within 24 hours. Low level of the drug acts as ganglion stimulants & give rise to muscular paralysis in the parasite where as higher level interfere with carbohydrate metabolism.The blockage occurs at the site of fumerate & succinate oxidation.
  • Cattle: 15 mg per kg body weight or 1 1/2 bolus for 100 kg body weight.
  • Sheep & Goats: 15 mg per kg body weight or 1/2 bolus for 33 kg body weight.
  • Pack size: Pack of 10’s & 50’s
Dosage Form : Bolus
Product APIs : Tetramisole
Therapeutic class : Anthelmintics Dewormers
Target Animals : Cattle Cows Goats Sheep


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