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  • Each ml contains:
  • Benzathine pencillin G (BP)…………………..100,000 IU
  • Procaine penicillin G (BP)……………………..150,000 IU
  • Dihydrostreptomycin sulfate (BP. Vet)……200 mg(as base)
  • INDICATIONS: For the treatment of Pneumonia, Pasteurellosis, Diarrhea, Mastitis, Uteritis, Leptospirosis, Erysipelas, Septicemia and other diseases caused by organism sensitive to penicillin or streptomycin.
  • Cattle, horses and sheep:
  • 3-6 ml/100 kg of body weight. Lambs,
  • Dogs and cats:
  • 1 ml/10 kg of body weight
  • Administer by I.M injection with 48-72 hours interval
  • Pack Size: Vial of 10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml & 100 ml
Dosage Form : Injection
Product APIs : Benzathine Penicillin G Diyhdrostreptomycin Sulfate Procaine Penicillin G
Therapeutic class : Antibiotic Antibiotic (Penicillin)
Target Animals : Calves Cats Cattle Cows Dogs Goats Sheep


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