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  • Each ml contains:
  • Oxfendazole…………………………..22.65  mg
  • Oxyclozanida………………………….65.50 mg
  • INDICATIONS: Oxarex Drench is a broad spectrum anthelmintic containing oxfendazole and oxyclozanida used for the treatment and control of immature and mature gastrointestinal round worms, lung worms, tape worms and chronic fasciolosis in cattle, sheep and goat. Oxyclozanide remove practically all flukes (fasciola spp).
  • Sheep and goats:
  • 1 ml Oxarex Drench per 4.5 kg body weight.
  • sheep and goats above 45 kg should be given a further 1 ml for each additional 4.5 kg body weight.
  • Cattle:
  • 5 ml Oxarex Drench per 25 kg body weight.
  • Cattle and Buffalo over 350 kg should be given further 5 ml per each additional 25 kg body weight.
  • Pack Size: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, & 1000 ml.
Dosage Form : Drench (Oral Solution)
Product APIs : Oxfendazole Oxyclozanide
Therapeutic class : Anthelmintics Dewormers
Target Animals : Calves Cattle Cows Goats Sheep


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