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  • Each 100 ml contains:
  • Phenoxy-2, Methyl-2, Propionic acid (MS) …………………………………10 gm
  • INDICATIONS: HEPAGUARD is an aqueous solution containing 10% of phenoxy-2, methyl-2, propionic acid,
  • HEPAGUARD is a choleretic agent , devoid of toxicity. It is injectable by intramuscular intraperitoneal,and intravenous route.
  • HEPAGUARD is therefore indicated in the treatment of all conditions associated with hepatic failure. Many are the therapeutic activities carried out on the liver: cholagogue effect, choleretic effect, analgesic and antispasmodic effects on the bile ducts.
  • HEPAGUARD is characterized by a specific action on the liver, increasing of the secretion of bile by theĀ  hepatocytes. In addition, it increases the functions of the organs involved in the digestive processes, and raises the amount of the pancreatic juices and pepsin.
  • HEPAGUARD carries out its secretory action directly on the glands without any stimulation of the prasympathetic nervous system.
  • By deep intramuscular intraperitoneal, or slow intravenous route.
  • Cattle, Horses: 10 ml per 100 kg body weight.
  • Sheep, Goats Dogs: 1 ml per 10 kg body weight. The above dosages can be repeated every 24 hours, following the Veterinarian’s advice.
  • WARNINGS: HEPAGUARD can not be mixed with solutions containing calcium salts.
  • Pack size: Vial of 30 ml 50 ml & 100 ml
Dosage Form : Injection
Product APIs : Phenoxy-2, Methyl-2, Propionic Acid
Therapeutic class :
Target Animals : Cattle Cows Dogs Equine Goats Horses Sheep


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