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  • Each ml contains:
  • Gentamycine Sulphate equivalent to Gentamycine Base …………………..100 mg
  • INDICATIONS: Gentamycine is an antibiotic belonging to the group of aminoglycoside antibiotics. It has a broad-spectrum bacterial action against a large number of pathogenes gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Gentamycine is excreted mainly by the kidneys, resulting in high concentrations of the active compound in the urine.
  • Intramuscular or slow intravenous injection.
  • Horses & Cattle: 5 ml per 100 kg body weight
  • Foals & Caloves:2 ml per 50 kg body weight
  • Dogs & Cats: 0.25 ml per 5 kg body weight
  • Pack Size: 50 ml & 100 ml vial
Dosage Form : Injection
Product APIs : Gentamycine Sulphate
Therapeutic class : Antibiotic
Target Animals : Calves Cats Cattle Cows Dogs Equine Goats Horses Sheep


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