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  • Contains: Sachets of 2.36 gm Sachets of 9.44 gm
  • Diminazene aceturate 1.05 gm 4.20 gm
  • Phenazone 1.31 gm 5.24 gm
  • INDICATIONS: In addition to trypnocidal activity DIMINOL is babesicidal and bactericidal (mainly Brucella and Streptococcus species ). As a trypanocide Diminol is effective against T.vivax and T.congolenses but moderately effective against T.brucei necessitating an increased double dosage rate against this species.
  • Dissolve the contents in sterile distilled water. Diminol can be given by intramuscular or subcutaneous route only. The content of each sachet containing 2.36 gm are sufficient for 580 kg body weight & content of 9.44 gm are sufficient for 2320 kg body weight. The water used will be to achieve the required concentration.
  • Administer 7 mg per kg body weight for surra in horses and camels. For piroplasmosis in cattle and babesiosis in domestic pets administer 3.5 mg per kg body weight.
  • Disappearance of symptoms may be expected within 24 hours. In surra, if required, the dose may be repeated third day.
  • Local reactions may occur at the sites of injection. Apart from this, side effects are not to be expected at normal dosage rates.
  • Pack size: 100 x 2.36 gm Sachets, 5 x 9.44 gm Sachets.
Dosage Form :
Product APIs : Diminazene Diaceturate Phenazone
Therapeutic class : Babesicidal
Target Animals : Calves Cats Cattle Horses


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