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  • Each ml contains: Diminazene inj. Diminazene-DS 70 inj.
  • Diminazene Diaceturate 35 mg 70 mg
  • Phenazone 87.5 mg
  • INDICATIONS: Diminazene acts rapidly and efficiently against prozoa type babaesia and trypanosoma. It is indicated for the treatment of piroplasomsis and rypanosomiasis caused by the two organisms. T.vivax & T.congolenses. With the administration of diminazene most of the parasites are eliminated from sick animals. Parasites surviving the treatment acts as immunizing agent protecting the animals against relapse of future infection. In case of genital trichomoniasis in bulls, Diminazene acts locally by eliminating the pathogens and speedily cures the animals.
  • For the treatment of piroplasmosis and trypanosomiasis administer 30 ml per 300 kg body weight by a deep intramuscular injection or by subcutaneous route with a sterile syringe and needle but the doasge rate should be double for T.brucei infection. For the treatment of trichomomiases in bulls, administer 30 ml which should be infused in the prepuce, after administration, the orifice of the prepuce should be closed and massaged for 15 minutes. treatment is recommended for 5 days but if necessary it can be continued for further 5 days.
  • pack size: 50 ml & 100 ml vial
Dosage Form : Injection
Product APIs : Diminazene Diaceturate
Therapeutic class : Babesicidal
Target Animals : Calves Cattle Cows Goats Horses Sheep


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