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  • Each vial contains:
  • Polyoxyethylene oleic Acid Triglyceride……….. 10 ml
  • INDICATIONS: Blotaryl Liquid elevates smooth muscles spasm precipitated by accumulation of gases. When reaches in the rumen of the animal, suddenly subsides and there is no further fermentation or excessive formation of gases, the tympanis relieved and animal feels comfortable. Tympani and bloat is an excessive accumulation of gases in the stomach and very common in ruminants. Simple and foamy gases formation occurs in the rumen. The effect on respiratory and circulatory organs and if treatment is not done it time or otherwise gases are not relieved from the rumen either surgically or medically, that it is fatal.
  • Orally (per mouth)
  • Cattle & Buffaloes: 10 ml in 500 ml
  • Sheep & goats: 5 ml in 250 ml
  • pack size: 20 x 10 ml vial
Dosage Form : Drench (Oral Solution) Oral Suspension
Product APIs : Polyoxyethylene Oleic Acid Triglyceride
Therapeutic class : Anti Bloating
Target Animals : Calves Cattle Cows Goats Sheep


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