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Domestic and Export Market

After ascertaining its credentials in the pharmaceutical industry of the country, Star Laboratories Private Limited began spreading its wings beyond the boundaries with thrust on becoming a global player in the international market. Star Laboratories was one of the few Pakistani pharma enterprises to make a strong position in exports markets.

Over time Star Laboratories established beachheads in many countries, of prime mention being Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Cambodia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan the major export locations of Star Laboratories. Today, Star Laboratories is striving to have over 100 brands registrations in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The present scenario has evolved from just looking at exports to also contemplating (and acting upon) research collaborations and marketing of its own products. This has enabled the company to work in line with its vision and Star Laboratories is aiming at becoming one of the most competitive pharmaceutical firms worldwide.
The Company is completely geared for it in terms of technical capabilities, international accreditations, cost advantages and geographical reach.